April 22, 2015

Billionaires Attraction

Book1This is my first book in the Love Hurts series. There are five books in total, books one to four all end in cliffhangers….

The billionaire in the story is Daniel Berridge, a 29 year old businessman, who knows exactly what he wants from life. He was born into a very rich family, but it was not an ideal childhood, and he wants to do things very differently. He enjoys sex, but on his terms and he is certainly not interested in any relationship, short or long term.

Ashley Patterson grew up in a small town with a very loving family. An incident when she was 16, damaged her and shattered her dreams for the future. She has made a difficult decision to leave her family and move to the city once she has her marketing degree. At least in the city people do not know her past and she will not get the pitying looks. She is going to live with her best friend, Taylor, who left the small town as soon as she finished high school.

Ashley does not trust men and when she first meets Daniel, she tells him in no uncertain terms how arrogant he is. Little does she know that there paths will be crossing again, once she starts work.

Daniel is intrigues by Ashley, most women just do as he says, he is not used to  them being quite so vocal! Could Ashley be the one that breaks down Daniels defences and makes him start breaking his rules….

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