There are five books in the Love Hurts series, following the lives of Ashley  and Daniel on their rocky road to love......

Billionaires Attraction

Daniel Berridge is a successful billionaire businessman who knows exactly what he wants. He enjoys sex, but only on his terms, a serious relationship is not part of his plan.

Ashley Patterson, fresh out of college, is moving to the big city, away from the small town where she grew up. Away from the incident that damaged her and changed her dreams. The last thing she is looking for is a man, they are not to be trusted.

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Billionaires Passion

Daniel struggles to understand the feelings he has for Ashley; they are so alien to him. Can he open up to her?

Ashley is devastated at being treated like a hooker. In her mind, she knows Daniel is a cold hearted bastard, if only she could convince her body of this. Ashley has run away from her past, but can she keep it hidden from Daniel?

Billionaires Protection

Daniel has an empire to run, women only get in the way. So why does he feel so empty. He needs answers and when he finally gets them, he is shocked to his core. This calls for some drastic action on his part.

Ashley has to start again, a new job, no Daniel, how can life be so mean. The one man she truly believed she could have a future with is now out of her reach for good. She has to forget about him, she has not got the strength to face up to her past yet again.

Is there a solution to their anguish?

Billionaires Confusion

Daniel wants to protect Ashley from everything, but his family has very different plans for him. He could not imagine his life without her, but so many obstacles are being put in their way… Maybe too many.

Ashley knows she will never be able to compete with the sort of women vying for Daniels attention. Should she even bother trying?

Why must love be so confusing and painful?

Billionaire in Love

Daniel’s world crumbles, he has so many decisions to make. Is he willing to come clean about everything to save his relationship with Ashley?

Ashley runs home, she can’t believe Daniel fathered a child, while they were together. How could he be such a good actor? She really thought he loved her, now she had to try and remove him from her heart.

Their relationship has stood up too many challenges already, is this a step too far?

Love Hurts Collection

The Collection

Compilation of the five books in the  series.

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There are three books in the Woodbeach Romance Series. They are individual stories of three couples that live in Woodbeach....

Three's A Crowd

Natalie Matthews is not happy with her life, her on off relationship with Jake is definitely off, and her job does not excite her.

Ben Hawkins desperately wants to make use of his Law degree, but working two jobs and having to look after his younger brother Don is not giving him enough time to pass his Bar exam. 

Natalie and Ben meet when Ben's brother Don breaks into Natalie's house. When Ben arrives to collect Don it is definitely not love at first sight. . .

The Art of Love

Megan Floyd has grown up never knowing her father, so when her somewhat eccentric mother lets slip his name she endeavors to search him down. 

Alex Russell dreams of living a bohemian artist's life with his long term girlfriend Lindsey. Opening his art studio in Woodbeach was his first step. 

Megan and Alex lives become intertwined by Megan's search for her father and Alex's quest to discover himself and his purpose in life. 

For The Love of Tarquin

Alison Bryant had dreams of becoming a fashion writer for a high class magazine, but instead finds herself writing really bad content for an internet marketing firm. 

Calvin Hardy works from home spending many hours holed up working on his latest designs. He is not a great socialiser and is very surprised when his long term girlfriend decides to make a dramatic exit from his life!

Alison and Calvin meet when Calvin's dog, Tarquin, decides that he would rather live with Alison. 

The Collection

Compilation of the three books in the series.

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