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Do You Yearn For Good Old Fashioned Dating?

Modern Dating Pitfalls

The internet has changed our lives, we now have access to any information we desire at the press of a button, but is it all good?

Our dating used to be limited to the people around us, or perhaps someone you met on that wonderful holiday. Then you would wait for the phone calls, or write letters. Boy, how things have changed.

Good Old Fashioned Dating

These days, it is possible to meet someone online and even easier to communicate with that person thanks to sms, chat, social media, or any other form of “digital courtship” that only takes seconds to execute.

Check out these other five hazards that come with modern dating.

1. The absence or lack of romantic guestures

Since society has gone from analog to digital, classic romantic gestures have taken a backseat. Now, romance comes in the form of Facebook status messages, Instagram photos, Twitter hashtags, and other social media-related gestures which have nothing on the good old handwritten letter or a nice personalised token of love.

2. The prevalence of texting in relationships as the primary form of communication

SMS is a great and quick way to communicate, but it can also feel impersonal and messages can oftentimes get misunderstood. The lack of tone in text messages prevents people from “hearing” what the other person is trying to say. Many arguments start when text messages are misconstrued, prompting fights that initially just started with a “where do you want to have dinner tonight?”

3. The fear of labeling relationships

Relationships have become more complicated as people have begun meeting each other online and subsequently chatting before finally going out on a date. Whether or not it’s because of this unconventional start to the relationship that has caused people to have an aversion to labels is something the older generation will have difficulty understanding. Relationships were never this complicated before.

4. The dominance of smartphones during dates

Most of us admit to being on our phones at times when we know we shouldn’t be. While important calls, messages, or emails are the exception, in reality, it is usually mindless gaming, chatting, or browsing that takes our attention away from the now and onto our smartphones.

You get the idea – you’ve finally found someone you want to spend time with but thanks to smartphones, your romantic evening turns into a night where you have to compete with a gadget for the attention of your date.

5. The rise of stalkers

Remember the days when if you call someone and there’s no answer, you would just leave a message on their machine? Well, you can still do that now, but if you’re really intent on finding this person, you can also find him on Facebook, check his last Tweet, view the location of his latest Instagram photo, and so much more. So instead of settling for a call back later, you turn the situation into a mystery investigation.

Unfortunately, more people are succumbing to these “stalker tendencies,” giving rise to behaviour ranging from mild stalking to dangerous (and sometimes even criminal) acts.

via The hazards of modern dating

Take Away

I guess it’s good that we can easily communicate with our loved ones, but some times it just seems so remote and not so personal…

DO you yearn for old fashioned romance?

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