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Love Hurts – The Collection

Love Hurts CollectionLove Hurts – The Collection is a compilation of all 5 books in the Love Hurts series.

  • Billionaires Attraction
  • Billionaires Passion
  • Billionaires Protection
  • Billionaires Confusion
  • Billionaire in Love

Follow Daniel and Ash from their first meeting through all the trials and tribulations of their relationship.

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Catherine Berridge - 4 years ago

Just completed the first book and I am deliciously hooked, so I am just about to purchase the entire collection!

Just an off the cuff question though…the character Daniel’s surname is Berridge which is a very uncommon last name. I was just wondering how you came up with it for your story. I ask because it is my last name and really, there is only 1 Berridge family according to my family tree. Do you know someone with that name or was it just a random choice?

Cheers, Catherine Berridge…

    Tilly Muir - 4 years ago

    Hi Catherine, Thanks for the message. Glad you enjoyed Book 1.

    The name Berridge was a random choice. I am British and there are quite a number of people with that surname in the UK.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the collection 🙂

Chy - last year

Hi, Tilly just read ur f Inst book and am hook.. been trying to purchase the complete set and it’s unavailable in my region even as an ebook… how do I go about it.. Am in Nigeria..
Thanks Chy

    Tilly Muir - last year

    Hi Chy,

    Thanks for your comment. I have emailed you a link to get the book.
    Hope you enjoy the read 🙂

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