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Outside of a dog - Groucho Marks
Real love stories have no ending - Richard Bach
You know youre in love - Dr Seuss
Untold Story - Maya Angelou
What Others Think - Eleanor Roosevelt
A desire for love - D.H.Lawrence
The Real Lover - Marilyn Monroe
There is no person love cannot heal - Carlos Santana
One day you can feel so special - Tilly Muir
Kissing a pretty girl - Albert Einstein
Being Deeply Loved - Lao Tzu
Love is a roller coaster - Celine
Reading is the sole means - Joyce Carol Oates
One word frees us - Sophocles
The Moon Is Shining - Anton Chekov
Make Yourself Strong - Carlos Casteneda
You cant use up creativity - Maya Angelou
Why We Read - C.S.Lewis
Love is of all passions the strongest - Lao Tzu
Learn to give out love - Morrie Shwartz
Real Love Stories - Richard Bach
The Hardest To Say - Tilly Muir
Say Nothing Do Nothing Be Nothing - Aristotle
True Self Power - Deepak Chopra

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