The Art of Love

This is my second novella in the Woodbeach Romance Series..

Megan Floyd has grown up never knowing her father, so when her somewhat eccentric mother lets slip his name she endeavors to search him down. When she finally comes face to face with him it is certainly not how she pictured their reunion would be – at no time did she ever expect him to be naked when they first met!

Alex Russell dreams of living a bohemian artist’s life with his long term girlfriend Lindsey. Opening his art studio in Woodbeach was his first step. He then discovers that Lindsey has very different ideas for his future!

Megan and Alex both live in the picturesque coastal town of Woodbeach and their lives become intertwined by Megan’s search for her father and Alex’s quest to discover himself and his purpose in life.  They are both very distracted by their personal searches but cannot fail to feel an attraction to each other. Is the universe trying to send them message?……..

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